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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens with the added questions?

After you've created a new quiz and have added at least 11 questions, you can activate it. Once you've done this, you just have to wait until our administrators have checked your quiz. After the questions are approved by our management, your quiz will be made available to the public. You may at any time add new questions or edit other questions. Any change will first be checked before it becomes active.

By activating, the administrators have 3 options:
Approve: The question is of sufficient quality for a quiz shown on quizhall.
Disapprove: The quality is insufficient. Often this will tantamount to spelling and forgetting or placing too many capitals or question marks.
Delete: Questions that do not meet our conditions, for example with 18 + content, will be removed immediately.

Questions that are not intended for the average user quizhall, such as "Who is my best friend?" are also disapproved. Are they totally useless? No, also disapproved questions will stay online! These questions are in the 'uncensored' version of the quiz. There is no direct link to this version from other quizhall pages, but they are perfectly playable!

Any adjustment makes sure that questions will be viewed again by the administrators, disapproved questions often still approved.

Am I the only one who can manage the questions I've added?

No, anyone can ask the management on a quiz that someone else has made. Your quizzes can be managed by someone else without problems. Any changes will, as always, be checked y our administrators. The probability that someone will ruin your question, becomes very small.

Do I have the rights of the questions that I add to quizhall?

Yes, you retain the copyright. However, everything you add to quizhall can and may be managed by anyone who gets permission from quizhall. Third parties will therefore never use your questions without your or our permission. quizhall offers everyone the possibility to use quizhall-quizzes on his or her website, by a code of quizhall. Added questions can not be removed without approval of an administrator.

I already have a quiz, may I add them to quizhall?

Only if you own the rights to that quiz, you can add it. You are solely responsible for what you add to quizhall, never copy quizzes that are not made by yourself or where you do not own the copyright.

I've seen a quiz on another website, can I copy them to quizhall?

No, the likelihood that these quizzes are copyrighted, is very large. It is not because nowhere in the quiz is stated that it is copyrighted, that they also may be used freely. You are solely responsible for anything you add to quizhall, we recommend that you do not add copyrighted material to quizhall! If you're not sure about something may be used, we advise you not to use it or to contact the owner to ask permission. The probability that it is copyrighted is very large.

My question is not here, what should I do?

You can send your question to us through our contact page, we will be happy to help.
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